My wife and I visited El Gaucho while on our Honeymoon in June 2001. The steak was so delicious is almost melted in my mouth. To this day, I have never had a steak come close to being as good. Can not wait to return.
Dwayne Fields
My husband John and I ate here on our honeymoon, 20 years ago and LOVED IT!!! We have been back many times since and are now returning for our 20 year anniversary!! Thanks for the delicious memories EL GAUCHO!!!!
Gerri Minichetti
I’ve been to a lot of good restaurants & I must say this one is right up there w the best of them food wise. The steak was delicious! Can’t wait to go back!
Bonez Rhode island
I would charter a jet to fly from pittsburgh to aruba for dinner at el gaucho and fly back the same night. that’s how good el gaucho makes their steaks!!!!! been going to aruba since 2004 and will make it a yearly trip; especially for dinner at el gaucho’s.
I can honestly say without a doubt that I had the best steak Ive ever had in my life at El Gaucho… The food is exquisite, and the ambiance was very romantic. There are 2 guys walking around with guitars, and they sing to tables…. they take requests, and honestly, it was the most romantic moment we had on our trip. My gf teared up… I cant ait to go back on January!!!
There is nothing better than the gaucho steak. Well maybe the gaucho steak dripping in your famous chimichurri sauce. Been coming every year for 15 yrs…hopefully will be coming many more!