Our Argentinean meats are carefully selected to match the fine taste of our customers. We appreciate your company and wish you a pleasant time and Bon Appetite!

El Gaucho Restaurant serves a variety of tempting dishes, featuring Argentine steaks, the famous Gaucho steak, Pincho Torro Caliente, the biggest shishkebab ever served, T-bone steak, veal chop and more.

All dishes are served with potatoes or rice, vegetables, corn on the cob and garlic bread.

Expanded Wine List!

We would like to announce that we have greatly expanded our
wine list with new and exciting wines from regions and wineries
from around the globe.

Entradas / Appetizers

  • Coctel de Camarones/ Shrimp Cocktail
  • Camarones al Ajillo/ Garlic Shrimps (head on) pan-fried with roasted garlic puree
  • Calamares Buenos Aires/stewed Squid Buenos Aires with peppers, herbs, onions and sherry wine
  • Caracoles al muelle/Conch Harbor-Style prepared in a seasoned batter and sautéed. A local favorite
  • Costillas de lechon/Pork Loin Ribs meaty and juicy ribs grilled served with our homemade rib sauce. full slab (Great for sharing!)
  • Mini Pincho de lomito/Tenderloin chunks with vegetables on a skewer
  • Chorizo & Morcilla /Grilled pork sausage and blood sausage
  • Empanadas Argentinas / Hearty Beef pastry (2) stuffed with spicy ground tenderloin beef, chopped vegetables, olive and a slice of boiled egg
  • Mollejas/ Grilled Calf Sweetbreads

Ensaladas / Salads

    • Ensalada Pequena/Mix Side Saladwith choice of dressing
  • Cuarto de Lechuga/ Ice berg Wedge topped with blue cheese dressing, crumbled blue cheese, bacon, toasted walnut & diced tomatoes
  • El Clasico Ceasar/The Classic Ceasarromaine lettuce, home made croutons, anchiovy, shaved parmesan and homemade ceasar dressing. With Shrimp or grilled Chicken
  • Ensalada de Aguacates /Avocado Salad (seasonal) Sliced Avocado with thinly sliced cucumbers and red onions in a fresh lemon vinaigrette
  • Salad dressing available: Blue Cheese, Italian, Thousand Island, Ceasar and Balsamic Vinagrette

Sopas y Cremas / Soups

All our soups are made daily with fresh vegetables and homemade broth. A touch of cream
and fresh parmesan cheese is added to the creamy soups.

  • Sopa de Carne y Legumbres/Beef and Vegetable Soup
  • Crema de Zapallo/Cream of Pumpkin
  • Crema de Broccoli/Cream of broccoli

Carnes a la Parilla / From the Grill

    • Churrasco Argentino / The Gaucho Steak juicy, tender & lean.
      One pound of Premium Argentine Beef, natural grass fed
    • Parrilla Argentina / Argentine GrillSpecial dish from Argentina: consisting of 5 different selected meats: Tenderloin,
      Argentine Chorizo, Ribs, Pork Loin & Beef Short Ribs.
    • Bife de Chorizo/Sirloin steak 18 oz very tasty, untrimmed and well marbled
    • *Ojo de Bife/ Rib Eye Steak 16 oz of well marbled, Premium Certified Natural Black Angus Beef
    • *Ojo de Bife con hueso / Bone in Rib Eye 32 oz Certified Black Angus Beef, full of flavor, untrimmed, well marbled. Exquisite!
    • Pincho Toro Caliente / Argentine Shiskebab Grilled Tenderloin, Chorizo, Pork Tenderloin and char grilled vegetables on a skewer
    • Entraña /Skirt Steak juicy 10 oz strip of Premium Certified Black Angus Beef
    • Asado de Tira / Beef Short Ribs A typical Argentinean cut, firm y tasty, char broiled to your taste.
    • *Bife Costilla Ancho / T-Bone Steak 32 ozUntrimmed and well marbled, highly recommended.
    • *Bife de Filete / Porterhouse 38 oz and up A beautiful combination of Tenderloin and Strip steak, for the beefeater, it is unforgettable
    • Bife de Lomito 12 oz / Tenderloin Steak 12 oz Prime center cut of Premium Argentinean Beef. Tender, juicy and lean
    • Bife de lomito 8 oz /Tenderloin Steak petit cut 8 oz
    • Lomito de Lechon /Pork Tenderloin 12 oz well seasoned with 5 spices, very tender and juicy
    • Costillitas de Cordero / Grilled (whole) rack of lamb New Zeeland spring lamb, marinated in chimichurri and grilled.
    • Pork Loin Ribs grilled & basted with or homemade sweet and tangy bbq sauce
    • Tenderloin Trio, 4oz each of Argentine Tenderloin, Pork tenderloin and New Zeeland Lamb tenderloin
    • Parrillita para dos/Mini Grill for Two (only one grill per table)
      Served at your table with a selection of cuts: chorizo, morcilla, Beef tenderloin, Beef short ribs, Chicken breast and Ribs. Accompanied with two sides of your choice, soup or salad as appetizer and a dessert combination for two. A bottle of wine or garafe is also included.
*These cuts are juicy and full of flavor because they are well marbled. Don’t order them if you want a lean cut of beef.
Our Beef is carefully selected, cut and weighted daily by our butcher, as you can notice mostly are big and thick. Please allow time for the grilling of these cuts.
Ad a Grilled Caribbean Lobster Tail to your main dish.

Pollo / Chicken

  • Pechugas de pollo al Llanero / Chicken breastdone over coals, juicy and lean

Mariscos / Seafood

  • Langosta al asador/Grilled Caribbean Lobster Tail served with drawn butter, Smashed red bliss potatoes, broccoli and fried plantain
  • Grilled Chilean Seabass with herb butter or lemon caper sauce
  • Pescado del dia/ Catch of the Day served with creole or meuniere sauce
  • Camarones al Ajillo/Jumbo Shrimp Scampi smothered in roasted garlic puree and pan fried
  • Caracoles al Muelle/ Conch Harbor Style ( kalko) prepared in our signature batter and sautéed. Locals favorite
  • Combinacion del Mar/ Caribbean Seafood Combo a sample plate of: conch, squid, shrimp and fish, each prepared as described above.
  • Filete de Salmon/ New Zeeland Salmon fillet 8 oz grilled and served with lemon herb butter
  • Surf and Turf 6 oz grilled Tenderloin & two Jumbo Shrimps Scampi
  • Lolas Combo Combinacion de LOmo y LAngosta al asador/ Grilled Caribbean lobster tail (4oz) and Prime Argentine Tenderloin (8 oz)

Acompañamientos/ Side items

Please make your selection from the list below, 3 sides included

  • Home style potatoes
  • French fries
  • Steamed broccoli
  • White Rice
  • Corn on the cob
  • Fried Plantain
  • Smashed Red bliss Potatoes with chives and butter
  • Sautéed Mushrooms
  • Broccoli sautéed in olive oil & Garlic

Additional cost for extra item selected from the list above


  • Grilled Vegetables Kebab served over a bed of ricesautéed broccoli, home style potatoes & corn on the cob

Dessert & Kids Menu

To view the dessert or kids menu please click the button below.

All dishes are served with potatoes or rice, vegetables, corn on the cob and garlic bread.

Seafood dishes include also fried plantain.

(All prices are in US dollars. Service Charge 15%)