Guestbook Archive 2004

I brought home with me your wonderful barbeque sauce, and onions.
Can I order these to be shipped home they are just wonderful

Arlene Davis

27 Dec 2004


Just wanted to tell you that I received the gift certificate that I
order in plenty of time for Christmas…Thank You..see ya next year…looking
forwanrd to an awesome dinner there as always.

Nancijeanne Swanson

22 Dec 2004





21 Dec 2004


I ate at your restaurant about a month ago. Please tell me what
is your house merlot wine. I ordered it and it was great. So was the

Ed Land

16 Dec 2004


I visited your restaurant in August 2004 and enjoyed it immensely.
Unfortunately I did not purchase your garlic sauce. Is there any way I can
purchase it?

Barbara DeName

16 Dec 2004


Teresa, you are a beautiful and wonderful host. Throughly enjoyed
Thursday and Friday night. Food is outstanding. See you in February! Sincerely,

James Robinson

13 Dec 2004


Absolutley the best meal I have ever had in my life. We would return
to Aruba just to eat at El Goucho again. The Argentine Grill consisting of five
types of meats was unbelievable ! FIrst the Red Sox win the World Series and now
we’ve experienced eating at El Goucho. When are you opening a restaurant in

Kenny and Donna

10 Dec 2004


Can you tell me when the $50 gift certificate I ordered was mailed

Mary Susan Nemeth

06 Dec 2004


One of the best meals I ever had was at El Gaucho. Ate there
twice in a week as the flavors were sooooooooooo wonderful, and the sangria
!!!!!! How do you make it? I would love the recipe if you could
share? THank you so much. My dream is to return to your beautiful
island of paradise.


06 Dec 2004


We are coming to Aruba in April. Your restaurant is tops in Aruba and
would be if located anywhere else in the world. Congratulations on being the
best at what you do.

Ralph C. Covino

01 Dec 2004


Your place is the best every time we come to Aurba we must stop
in for dinner the steak is the best I have ever had !!!

Mark Hampton

29 Nov 2004


We were in Aruba and enjoyed a meal at your wonderful restaurant.
I had the best steak of my life!

Dianne R. Leach

23 Nov 2004


We were at your restaurant last Friday for the third time in 5 years
and it was wonderful as usual. We asked if we could buy a set of your salt
and pepper shakers and some sauce and were told you were all out but that if we
went to your web site we could order on-line. I do not see a page for
that. Please let me know where I can find this

Shelley Goess

22 Nov 2004


El Gaucho and the music lovers of Aruba, we of At Home Records would
like to invite you to listen to the L-Love “Done…But Not Finished!”

At Home Records

22 Nov 2004


You’re steak sauce is wonderful. I was wondering if there was a
way I could buy a couple of bottles. Please let me know . Thank You

Christine Ziter

19 Nov 2004


We just returned from our honeymoon in Aruba. El Gaucho’s was
highly recommended by two people before we went and it lived up to its
recommendations. By far the best meal that we have ever had!!


15 Nov 2004


Looking foward to our repeat visit to El Gaucho in December.
Always remeber the fabulous food during our last visit

Irwin Sidman

12 Nov 2004


El Gauchos was the #1 restaraunt in Aruba

Irene Pizanias

10 Nov 2004


great website and delisious looking menu’s i send it to a
argentinian friend of mine that i know from 14 years ago . keep it up

zuleika coffie


07 Nov 2004


We just got home from Aruba we were there for 10 days and out of the
10 days we ate at ElGaucho’s and once again I just want to say you have the best
food and steak on the Island.Keep up the good work and we look forward to next

Joanne McGloin

07 Nov 2004


I was recently in Aruba on my honeymoon and someone suggested that we
try El Gaucho. I was, by far, the best meal I had the entire
trip…possibly ever. I just thought everything from the atmosphere to the
food was fantastic. I hope I have another opportunity to visit again.

Angie Garmon

02 Nov 2004


We came apon El Gaucho 15 years ago by mistake. It was our first year
in beautiful Aruba and didn’t know our way around very well. We couldn’t find
the restaurant we were looking for so we went into El Gaucho. The absulute best
mistake we ever made. The Best steak in the world along with the best service.
Thank you for givig us something to look forward to when we come back to Aruba.

Frank and Geri DeNinno

28 Oct 2004


I was there this fall, and had the best meal of my life. Any way of
getting a copy of the wine list?

brian buckhout

25 Oct 2004


Amazing steaks cooked to perfection!!! We fell in love with the steak
sauces and brought some back to the states. I am a little disappointed because
we just ran out of our sauces and there I see no where to order more!!! Thats
too bad! The sauces make excellent gifts. Let me know if there is a place to
order more?!!! Thanks.

Emily & Brian

24 Oct 2004


Absolutely the best steak we’ve ever had…anywhere!!!

Reina and Steve

18 Oct 2004


Great time and great steaks. Meal was perfect! Anyway to
order a bottle of the garlic sauce for the steaks?

Kasey Minucci

04 Oct 2004


This is quite possible the best steak i’ve ever eaten in life. thank
you for your meat.

steven LK

28 Sep 2004


A trip to Aruba is not complete with a visit to your resturant. Would
like to start our vacation off with EL GAUCHO’S but since your not open on
Sundays must wait till Monday. It will be a long day but well worth the wait.
Then we have to end out stay with a visit the following Tues. Maybe
another time inbetween. You have the best steaks I’ve ever tasted. Keep it that
way. That green garlic sauce isn’t that bad also. Don’t ever stop making it. See
you in 5 weeks


14 Sep 2004


I ordered a gift certificate on 9/3/04 and paid the additional amount
to have sent next day. Have not received as of today. Please advise, it is
for someone who is leaving this Friday for Aruba.


13 Sep 2004


Amazing, Amazing, Amazing is all we can say about your restaurant!!!
We came to you 2 years ago and my husband wanted to come back to Aruba JUST to
go to El Gaucho again! We ate there the first night of our stay and the
last. The steak is the best we’ve ever had and this time we ate the
Tiramisu….AWESOME!!! Better than any we’ve ever eaten!! Your
restaurant is Perfection!!!

Beth & Ken Kowalski

06 Sep 2004


3 years in a row and counting…still the best steak in town.And
Atkins friendly to boot!!

Keith and Rachel Ingham

28 Aug 2004


It’s manditory that you eat at this restaurant when in Aruba.
The food is excellent, especially the steak. It was the best steak I ever

Dave McLaren

27 Aug 2004


El Gaucho is an excellent restaurant. It is one of the first
places I reccomend to people I know who are planning a trip to Aruba. I
hope to be back very soon.


14 Aug 2004


i would like to order your sauces. is it possible to order online for
deliver to new york city

micheal chacon

13 Aug 2004


My husband and I visited your restaurant 6 years ago while we were on
our honeymoon. We absolutely loved your sangria and we haven’t found
anything that compares to it. Please, please, please send us the recipe so
we could have it at home.


09 Aug 2004


We will be there in July of 2005 with our group named the El Gaucho
13! Thank you Rosa! Two of the El Gaucho 13 will be celebrating their 50th
wedding anniversary at your fabulous restaurant!

Jay & Roni Stull

06 Aug 2004


Once again a great meal at El Gaucho in 2004

Jay and Roni Stull

06 Aug 2004


have not yet gotten confirmation of reservations made for sept. 21.
could you please help me out?

michael ormiston

28 Jul 2004


We loved your restaurant while we visited Aruba in 2002, last week we
dined in El Gaucho in Prague, are both of these restaurants belong to the same
chain. I would like to find our more info and possibility of bringing El
Gauch to my town. Please reply. Thank you.

Maya Druker

27 Jul 2004


your 16 oz ribeye and your st. louis ribs are the best i’ve ever had.
is it possible to order your steak sauce and rib sauce online?

kevin l miller

27 Jul 2004


Best steak I have ever ate..

David Plumer

26 Jul 2004


Absolutely perfect, the best steaks that I have ever eaten. How
can I purchase something from your gift shop?

Gregg and Debbie

23 Jul 2004


How can I buy a shirt???


22 Jul 2004


Absolutely amazing…The BEST restaurant I have been to in a very long
time. Wonderful service, as well! Thank you

Lauren and Matt Paul – Newlyweds!

20 Jul 2004


The food was wonderful, the best meak i had while i was in aruba.
Your staff was just as excellent. thank you


19 Jul 2004


We love El Gaucho-The BEST in Aruba. Thankyou Rosa, Agda and Jose for
the wonderful meals. Truly the best service and food!

Don & Debra Severide

18 Jul 2004


The food and service at this resturant were outstanding! We were
in Aruba for 7 nights and had dinner there twice. Great place!


05 Jul 2004


i”ve been looking for a good set of steak knifes, and I fond them at
your restaurant. Is it possible to order them online?


02 Jul 2004


This restaurant is the best. It was the first restaurant we went to
while in Aruba and it was one of the best priced for the amount of food

Jennifer Ritter

29 Jun 2004


Hi to all at El Gaucho’s, I have just been reading some of the e-mails
that people have sent with such warm wishes and entheusiasm for the wonderful
food your fabulous restaurant provides. I felt very envious of of the
visitors who have just left Aruba!.. I was there with my friend Geraldine in Nov
2002! and I miss Aruba very much. Can’t wait to come back. We will
most definately be dining at your restuarant, a visit to Aruba is NEVER
complete, without an El Gaucho STEAK!!!! Happy holidays everone!.. and
happy eating! I trully hope to return soon. Keep working, Keep
Happy,… AND KEEP SMILING! xxx England.

Emanuela Magro

24 Jun 2004


Great food & Great service! – Wanted to purchase your steak sauce
if possible, but the store was closed when we ate there last week. Is
there a way for us to order the sauce?

Ron Abenante

21 Jun 2004


hihi…my mom signed the guestbook so i tauhght i should too!! o, i
think the food was great i could tell from all of your great mom is
jill zarin…oky bibi know

ally shapiro…2004 o yeahh

21 Jun 2004





15 Jun 2004


I would like to buy a bottle of Trapiche for a couple who made
reservations for Monday, June 14th at 8 pm (Wendy Sargent and Ronnie) How can I
do this on line?

Eric Jacques

09 Jun 2004


estube, comiendo hace unos meses en su restaurant. y como argentino me
parecio !excelente! la atenciòn y anbientaciòn del lugar. seguramente en unos
meses estare en ese lugar maravilloso…les envìo mi web soy productor agropecuario…..Abrazos a

felipe gonzàlez

09 Jun 2004



Mike Grizzle

04 Jun 2004


My husband and I ate at your restaurant in May 2004. The food
was awesome! We especially enjoyed the garlic sauce. Is it possible
to order this online?

Linda Zeiders

31 May 2004


Love your steak sauce- Can you please email the recipe- The 3 sets I
purchased will not last until I return !!!

Patty Reece

26 May 2004


The Best Steak Ever, wish we could get some in the US. The El Goucho
Steak was superb! Thank you..we referred it to everyone we spoke with during our

Betsy & Doug Perkins

24 May 2004


That should be steaks not stakes.


20 May 2004


I want to know if there is anyway I can purchase the sauces that you
serve with your stakes. Particularly the Argentine sauce

Virgil A. Malone

20 May 2004


This was our first trip to Aruba and El Gaucho’s was recommended to us
by a number of people. We ate there our first night in town (May 7) and
had a great meal. I had one of the biggest and best porterhouse steaks
that you could imagine. It was a very pleasant dining experience and we
are looking forward to dinner there on our next visit to Aruba.

Larry & Marsha Hunter

17 May 2004


I have been to El Gaucho several times. We come to Aruba twice a
year, and go at least twice a week there. We will be coming the end of May
and cannot wait.

Lisa M. Caputo

11 May 2004


it was our first trip to aruba and elgaucho’s which was highly
reccommened and it was everything everyone talked about the food was very good
and we will be back down the last week in july 2004


06 May 2004


We have dined at el gaucho on our previous trips to Aruba(’93-’98)and
look forward to visiting in September, 04.

James Moretti

05 May 2004


The Covino family visited your restaurant last month. We sampled 3
different steaks. All were heavenly. We will see you again in April 2005.

Ralph C. Covino

03 May 2004


Great Food as usual, for the secod year in a row for us. Best in
Aruba!! Would have rather not been able to get in, than to get an
extreamly cramped table for two that you could not seat at it was so small,
Thanks for moving us to a REAL table..

Kevin Kay, Wentworth NH

02 May 2004


I Love your Resturant I was in aruba last week and i eat there twice
and enjoyed your Cigar Bar next store can’t wait to come back!!!!!

Nick Pagano

30 Apr 2004


can el gaucho come to new york,i promise ill eat there every night…


17 Apr 2004


Please, can you send to me a picture of a T-bone steak: 1) made of cow
– 2) made of lamb. I need to show that to my husband: he doesn’t believe me that
the steaks can be so big and so delicious ( I am from Argentina, he doesn’t) –


16 Apr 2004


Absolutely the best steak you will ever eat. The wife and I go every
year while in Aruba, sometimes twice in a week. Try the pitcher of Sangria, also
the best. A vacation in Aruba would not be complete without a trip to EL Gaucho.
Bon Bini…

Sean & Maureen

28 Mar 2004


I went to El Gaucho in July of 1999 with my family of four, and let me
just say I haven’t had a steak as good since!! Something made me search
for El Gaucho tonight in Dallas, Texas never expecting to find a web site!
Your steaks are incredible! My fiance and I are planning a honeymoon to
the Caribbean and my just come to Aruba for your steaks!!! Thank you!!

Meagan Stone

14 Mar 2004


Me parece un lugar muy agradable
exelente servicio, el mejor T bone del mundo y unos musicos
estupendos conocedores de toda la musica latinoamericana
un saludo para ellos GRACIAS……..

farid arrieta

12 Mar 2004


2 years ina row and counting!! Best steak ever!! MOOOOO!!!

Keith and Rachel Ingham

28 Feb 2004


My Wife and I were on Aruba for 2 nights prior to a even day cruise!
While at our hotel, we asked for recommendations for a restaurant, our bartender
told us something that got our attention,”I would put my hand in the fire
to eat at L Gaucho. Ok, we thought that was a little extreme. We were at a bar,
the name escapes me, when we askes the same question, to our surprise, we got
the same answer! I will give you one guess where we ate the next night!
were we dissapointed, NO! I never had a steak so perfectly prepared and
the portion was unbelievable! We are heading back down in April and I will be
eating there again,again and again! Oh, the house red wine is fabulous, and
you’ll be surprised as to the maker! Makes for great Sangria!


27 Feb 2004


Simply the best steak I ever had.

Dr. Edward S. Umlauf

22 Feb 2004


El Gaucho is a must for us when we vacation in Aruba. We had
dinner on Jan. 5th and I may have left my reading glasses. They are in a soft
black case and on the inside is the name “Jerry” with a telephone no.
Please now if you have them. Thanks

Jerry Krackenfels

19 Feb 2004


Great steak! Be there sometime next week.

I want a Balashi!

18 Feb 2004


We cometo Aruba every year and eat at El Gaucho ..IT IS THE BEST

Brenda and Bob Horan

15 Feb 2004


Absolutely the BEST steak ever!! This was our second visit to Aruba
and we’ve been to ElGaucho’s 4 times…!

Mark and Darlene Byrnes

12 Feb 2004





06 Feb 2004


Can’t wait to try your place. Have only heard good thgs.
Will be there on Feb 17th! See you soon!

Scott & Michelle Stromer

04 Feb 2004


Best resturant in Aruba

Sandra Bouldin

02 Feb 2004


A true culinary delight and a dining experience to remember!!! I would
love to have your recipe for the garlic pesto. Will you please let me know if it
is available and how I may get a copy of it? Thank you.

Ms. Spees

02 Feb 2004


I ate a your restaurant last year on a business trip. The food
was great and I can’t wait to come back.

Guy Jacobson

31 Jan 2004


OH MY GOD… THIS IS REAL STEAK. I only wish you could open a
restaurant, here, in Motreal. I would be there once a day, for sure. The steak,
wow. It melts in your mouth. The garlic sauce, amazing. the service. I have been
treated better in your restaurant, than in some of the best restaurants here, in
Montreal, that cost me a mint. Can you please open a restaurant, here in
Montreal? Please??? By the way, I was there in September of 2000. And I can
still taste that amazing beef on my tongue. Do you guys deliver? To Montreal?
Let me know… Thanks.

Anto & Ben

23 Jan 2004


A special thanks to Teresa and Jose for fulfulling our request of
sending a couple of bottles of wine to our parents’ table during their visit to
this fabulous restaurant. Great food, great service and a great
experience. Keep up the good work Jose and Teresa!!!!

Costa Sideridis

20 Jan 2004


We have been coming to Aruba for the last 14 years and we look forward
to dinner at El Gaucho for both the great food and the attentive staff but also
for the warm feeling we get when we return each year.

Mr. & Mrs. L. Specter

20 Jan 2004


My wife, daughter and I had the best steak of our lives. Oh that
Gaucho steak!!! Incredible. The garlic sauce was orgasmic! I kept
telling Rosa how wonderful everything was. We defintely will make several
reservations next trip!

Barry & Lian & Stacy

12 Jan 2004


My wife and I visited last year (4/2003). I have NEVER had a
steak as good as the one at El-Gaucho! Great service and good food!

Frederick Wilson

12 Jan 2004