Guestbook Archive 1998

Danny L. Hollis

30 Dec 1998


Hello, my name is Danny Hollis and I had the privilage to eat at El Gaucho when I was
there in 1995. I rate your restuarant #1 in my books, I will be in Aruba in mid 1999 and
will again look forward to eating at El Gaucho a few more times. I would also like to take
this time to let you know that the Trapisch Chardonnay wine was the best. I wish there was
some way that I can order a few cases and have them shipped to Bermuda (That is where I am
from). Please let me know if one can buy a case or two of Trapisch. I am very much looking
forward to my next visit to Aruba. I have been to a lot of Islands, but Aruba hits my
heart… I stayed at the Tamarijn, and had a blast for ten days. They treated us very
well…I look forward to staying there again. Drop me a e-mail if you can….. Yours

Danny L. Hollis St. George, Bermuda

Beth-Ann and Phil Consiglio

30 Dec 1998


My husband and I came to Aruba for the first time on our honeymoon in November of 1997.
We went to El Gaucho on our fourth night. It became my husband’s favorite restaurant in
the world. He practically counted the days until we went back to Aruba in November of
1998. We were back at El Gaucho on November 9th, 1998. I have a picture of my husband
eating his steak and smiling the biggest smile!

Ken Klimasewski

16 Dec 1998



Last week I requested reservations for 12/29/98 at 7:00pm for 5 people. The name is Ken
Klimasewski. I also requested an email confirming my reservations. I did not receive my
email confirmaiton. Last night (12/15/98) I called direct and spoke to HELEN who told me
she did not have my reservation request and to make matters worst she could not make a
reservation for 12/29/98 at 7:00pm for 5 people. The only time available for that day was
5:30pm. I am not happy about this. Can this be corrected?

thank you,

Ken Klimasewski 401-766-9793 (fax)


Nancy Gallo

15 Dec 1998


We were at your restaurant Thanksgiving week and thoroughly enjoyed the meal and the
service. Everything from the appetizers to the dessert was outstanding! We are returning
to Aruba the first week in March and the number 1 thing we both agree on is a return visit
to El Gaucho’s. Can you tell us how far in advance we should make reservations? We are
looking forward to our return and the wonderful El Gaucho steak!

Thank you,

Nancy & Steve Gallo

eugene smielewski

15 Dec 1998


will be in aruba at the end of march 99

Dennis Hayes

14 Dec 1998


No trip to Aruba is complete without a visit to El Gaucho….only wish it were larger
so reservations would be easier.

Ken Klimasewski

10 Dec 1998


Enjoy El Gaucho very much. Just emailed for reservations for 12/29/98 for 5 people at
7:00pm. Waiting to here from you with my confirmation.

thank you, Ken Klimasewski


09 Dec 1998


Thank you guys so much I had a report due on the type of food Argentineans eat and you
guys helped me out a lot thanx!!!!

P.S.: Your food sounds good I hope to eat there some day.

sincereley, Sam Ruff

Michael Reuveni

09 Dec 1998


The best food in Aruba. We will be visiting you at least twice next week.

Gayle Kelly

27 Nov 1998


We enjoyed your restaurant last year and can’t wait to return again. We will be in
Aruba in one week.

Justin Hartanov

26 Nov 1998


This was my favorite restaurant when I traveled to Aruba. They have the best steaks in
addition to the best condiments.

Phyllis Savarino

22 Nov 1998


This is our favorite restaurant on our favorite island. We recommend it to anyone
coming to Aruba.Our favorite is the calamari and the El Gaucho steak. We will be there in

matt rabbett

18 Nov 1998


i was there last week on wed. and i the best steak dinner i ever had in my life ! the
service was great and the food was so good i told every coulpe we meet a the tamarijin we
were in roon 1302 your place is fantasic thanks for the hospatillity

Joe Damiano

18 Nov 1998


Arriving in Aruba Dec. 4. Staying at the Palm Beach Hotel.(The Aruba Grand) Looking
forward to another great meal.

Alfred J. Bianco

07 Nov 1998


Judy and I have enjoyed your restaurant many times. We will see you in three weeks!

Mariano Elizondo

05 Nov 1998


Voy a estar en Aruba desde el 12 al 19 de Diciembre de luna de miel. Espero encontrarme
con un asado bien cocido con mucho chimichurri como lo como en mi ciudad. Nos vemos.

Karen Rodgers

26 Oct 1998


We had the best steak last Feb. at your establishment. But the best was your dessert
fruit and cheese plate. We’ll be back this coming Feb. Save us a table.

Jacques de Vormer

18 Oct 1998


We come to Aruba for the 11 th. time And one of our favorite restauranrs is El Gaucho.
Good food and friendly people. We stay from 1 novembre till 2 decembre on Aruba, be sure
that we visit you several times. See you.

The Edelmans

18 Oct 1998


We have made it a tradation to visit your restaurant at least 2 to 3 times a year when
we get to Aruba. We have been coming since 1980 and have never been disappointed in the
food or the service. Thanks for continuing to give us something to look forward to when we
come to Aruba that has stayed consistent. the Edelmans

Mark Gross

13 Oct 1998


I read great things about your restaurant. We will be making a reservation for dinner.
See you then, Mark

John & Ann-Marie Giarrusso

06 Oct 1998


We have heard great things about your restaurant. We are celebrating our 25th
anniversary and will be coming to Aruba for the first time on October 17 for 9 days. We
look forward to eating at El Gaucho.

Sheila and Christian Gibbons

19 Sep 1998


Just wanted to say we have been coming to Aruba for 17 years and have never missed a
visit to El Gaucho. We will be back in Aruba on September 25 and look forward to coming
back again. I hope your renovations are finished as we sent some friends there a few weeks
ago and you were closed. We even love your after dinner mints. Great quality, great
standards and good service. See you soon.

Jeffrey A. Katz

30 Aug 1998


I have heard rave review of your restaurant and look forward to trying it with my
fiancee (wife), when we visit there the week of September 6th.

Liz and Santo Pratico

28 Aug 1998


We are looking forward to returning to your restauarant in February/March 1999. We have
always always enjoyed our meals there. See you soon.

Danny Slovensky

24 Aug 1998


I have coming to Aruba for several years. My entire family enjoys eating at your fine
Restaurant and looks forward to eating here again this October 1998.

Danny From Alabama

Jim Sweeney

22 Aug 1998


I’ve heard great thing about elgaucho and can’t wait to dine on my honeymoon!!!



18 Aug 1998


My wife and I visied your restaurant April 98, we are going back to Aruba next April
again. See you again, this time with guests.


08 Aug 1998


we have not tried you yet, but we have heard many good things about your place. We are
looking forward to dining at your restuarant in Sept.

Tim Stacklie

31 Jul 1998


My family and our friends visited your restaurant on 7/18/98 and even my 4 year old
found something she liked. We enjoyed it so much we came back on 7/21/98 without the kids
so we could enjoy the great Argentine Wine’s and meat. It was great both times and one of
our highlights of Aruba.

Don & Meryl Work

29 Jul 1998


We visited El gaucho twice in June. We had been to El Gaucho 3 years prior, and the
food is just as great as it had been. The first time we had been there the restaurant had
not been renovated, you did a wonderful job of creating this atmosphere. It was nice to
see Michele.We had spoken about opening in Miami . It would be a much shorter trip for



22 Jul 1998



John & Sandy

17 Jul 1998


We’ve enjoyed your restaurant a few times and look forward to a return visit in
September, 1998. Your Gaucho steak is really one of the best values on the island. Our
only regret is that we didn’t get there in some of our earlier visits! We will be writing
again to make a reservation as our weeks in Aruba get closer!

Barbara Lee Swasey

01 Jul 1998


I have been coming to your restaurant since 1988 except for the year you were closed in
October. You have the best beef on the island. My favorite dish is your “mixed
grill” – just scrumpcious. Don’t ever change. Will be arriving October 10th this year
for two weeks and plan to visit your place at least 4 times. Keep up the good work.

Paul Emas

13 Jun 1998


You are the greatest. We look forward to visiting your place each year when we are down
there. We own a place at Sonesta Suites and my best friend also. Wouldn’t miss it for the
world. Last year was a big disappointment for us. We were down the 2nd. week in August
only to find that you were closed for vacation. Will be down this year from July 31st. to
August 14th. Please confirm to me that you will be open and we will make our reservations
accordingly. Continued success and we will look forward to seeing you in August. Many
thanks Paul Emas

aruba jim

27 May 1998


we missed your fine restaurant last year due to renovations. Are you planning a shut
down for vacations or any other reason this summer? pasa un bon nochi

The future Mr + Mrs Stephen Smith

25 May 1998


We are looking forward to enjoying a meal at El Gaucho when we get to Aruba. We will be
there for our honeymoon in July… and we’ve heard RAVE reviews from many!!

Ronald Goldberg

06 May 1998


ElGaucho has the best steak I have ever had and we eat there twice each year for the
week we spend in Aruba and have been there for the last 11 years. We took our children one
year and they demanded that we eat there the last night also. The staff has always been
pleasant and friendly.

Kaaren Shanahan

06 May 1998


We are looking forward to dining at your restaurant in November, as we have done for
the last several years. We’ve always enjoyed our dinners with you. One of the best
restaurants on the island.

Guy Gemore

05 May 1998


I am a wholesaler of Aruba I own a company called Players Choice Tours, we presently
send about 150 customers per week to the island. have been in business for 9 years and
always eat at El Gaucho .if you have any coupons that we can give our customers it would
be a great help. ps this is the truly the best food in aruba. 1800-79-ARUBA.

joe rothwein

05 May 1998


my wife & i were at el gaucho’s in march. it was one on the best meals we had in
aruba. i am really looking forward to returning to aruba and getting another great meal
from el gaucho’s. thanks for the great memories.

sally and tom Metzner

25 Apr 1998


we have enjoyed ElGaucho for the past 4 years and we are certainly looking to make it
five when we return to Aruba this January. Wondering how far in advance to make a

Pete Piazza

24 Apr 1998


Will be in Aruba the Week of 8Jun, looking forward to stopping in and enjoying your
restaurant! Have heard nothing but raves about the food, service and atmosphere. It will
be our 20th Wedding Anniversary and I couldn’t think of a better place to celebrate!

See you soon, Pete and Val Piazza Chicago, IL USA

sally dionne

23 Apr 1998


We had a wonderful meal when we were there in Feb. of this year. We have been going to
aruba for 9 years and this was the first time we have patronized your restaurant. Wish we
had gone there sooner. Now we will!!!


23 Apr 1998


I am going to Aruba for the first time with my girlfriend. I heard great things about
your place, and I would love to see a menu. Could you email the mune to me? I am coming to
Aruba June 7-14 and I would like to make reservations on June 13.


Virginia Coulter

23 Apr 1998


A wonderful dinning experience. We will be returning to El Gaucho every year! It was
the best steak ever! We will see you next March!