Guestbook Archive 2006

Richard Nacamuli
27 Dec 2006

Great place to eat. I highly recommend it. Richard L. Nacamuli

Brittany Danielle Weaver
15 Dec 2006

I ate at El Goucho on a family trip when I was 12. I'm 19 now and still remember your pumpkin soup. I plan on going back the second I can, until then is there any way I can get the recipe? That would make my holiday.

08 Dec 2006

We went here while on our honeymoon in Nov 06... It is the best steak we have ever had... great service too... I took a picture of my 16 oz steak and have it in our photo album... I tell everyone about this place... Craig and Tanya Johnston, Toronto, Canada

Roberta Schnabel
01 Dec 2006

I have thought about this place since we left Aruba. The food was wonderful and the atmosphere fantastic. My family comes all the way from Walpole, Massachusetts, US every year and we eat here 2-3 times during our stay!

30 Nov 2006

The best steak I've ever had. A definite must try! Guaranteed you'll come back for more.

Brittany Norwood
29 Nov 2006

One of the best steaks I've ever eaten! Is it possible to purchase one of the wooden plates we ate on... it separated all of the portions. Please let me know!! Thank you! Brittany Norwood

zack regan
25 Nov 2006

We ate here in September on our Honeymoon and not only is it the best food in Aruba it was better than most places in the United States I highly Recommend it to anyone.

Feda Avdic
25 Nov 2006

I used to work on the cruise ship Cranival Destiny from 2003 - 2005 which visits Aruba on Fridays. So at least twice a month, that is every second friday when i was there i went to eat at Gauchos. The best dining experience I ever had. Not only the staeks are graet, but shrimps and most magnificent pumpkin soup, acompanied with excellent variety of vines...If i ever come back to Aruba I willl definetely go back to Gaucho's. Best steak in the world...

Lori Grass
25 Nov 2006

My family visited Aruba this summer. We saw a Tea Pipe in your gift shop. Is there any way that I can buy one over the internet? Thanks!

19 Nov 2006

The best food in Aruba. Wish you had locations in the US.

17 Nov 2006

This was my fifth time in Aruba but only my first time at El Gaucho. But do I wish I started going there from the begining. The BEST steak I have ever eaten in my life. I will definatly be coming back from now on! Is it possible to buy the sauces that are served with dinner. Someone told me that you could buy them in a package, but I didn't see any. I would love to order it if possible. Thanks.

10 Nov 2006

How do I purchase your garlic sauce? I ate at your restaurant while on vacation last week and want to purchase some! Please let me know...

Charles Freiberg
02 Nov 2006

Looking forward to another excellent dinner at El Gaucho

30 Oct 2006

First time in Aruba and we went to El Gaucho. We plan on making many more trips back to the island and El Gaucho will be on the top of our "places to eat in Aruba list".

Jaimi Levy
15 Oct 2006

I think Marriott concierge made our reservation but I want to make sure. M/M DAvid and Jaimi Levy Thursday Dec 28, 2006 8pm Non Smoking 19 people Please confirm.Thank you

arthur martel
05 Oct 2006

this will be our 3rd time at el gaucho we came for our honeymoon in 1990 oct 20th and we came last year in october 2005 look forward to this trip too the food is great and the garafu nightlife is wonderful also arthur and mary martel thanks!!!!


30 Sep 2006

I have been visiting Aruba for many years and ALWAYS come to El Gaucho for dinner it is the best and the staff is great!

Boston Tom
29 Sep 2006

My wife and I visited Aruba for the first time in July, and we were told about El Gaucho.We loved everything about the restaurant from the food to the service. We'll be back, and Thank you.

Don & Joyce Parker
24 Sep 2006

Our #1 restaraunt for the past 12 years. No one comes close to the great people serving us or the absolutely great food we get to dine on.

Don Parker
24 Sep 2006

It would be great to be able to Order your sauces, salt & peppers shakers and assorted gift items online. Do you think this would be possible?


23 Sep 2006

We can't get over this place, it's that fantastic! My wife doesn't even eat steak, but she will at El Gaucho because it's that good. There are so many fine places to dine in Aruba, but this place has been a constant visit during our trips. An absolute MUST!

Rebecca Boissonneault
19 Sep 2006

El Gaucho has the best steaks in the world!!! Is your sauce available to be shipped to the states? Thank you!

Chuck Harris
16 Sep 2006

My wife and I came here ten years ago for our honeymoon and have come back to aruba 4 times. Each time we come to Aruba we eat at our favorite restaraurant in the world, El Gauchos. We will be back there again the last week of September and are looking foward to it. The greatest Porterhouse steak anywhere!!

Tedd Robert
29 Aug 2006

The best steaks on the island and what a friendly and kind staff. from the hostess to the servers. Jeandrick is a exeptional waiter. Can't wait to be back next year.

The Rodgers

28 Aug 2006

We had a wonderful time at Aruba. And dining in El Gaucho was icing on the cake. Everything was excellent. The food, sangria, atmosphere and serivce. My husband and I still remember it after several months have passed by. Can't wait to dine there again.

21 Aug 2006

if you opened a loction in n.y.c it would be a gold mine!like abrahem said,i would eat there once a week!!!the steak is packed with so much flavor,no salt,sauce needed.see you in september

Anthony Ferraro
17 Aug 2006

Our family have been eating dinner here since 1998 - this is the best in Aruba & anyplace in the states - we will be down for New Years week

05 Aug 2006

The best steak I've ever had in my life by far! You must try the house sauce on it as well! The service is excellent, the drinks are made very well, and the vegetables are cooked and seasoned perfectly, great for a family outing or a romantic dinner for two. I highly recommend everyone to try the Aruba-Riba mixed drink.

Patience Davidson
31 Jul 2006

I wanted to write to say Thank You our most recent visit to your restaurant was fantastic to say the least. I have Celiac's disease and cannot eat anything that has Gluten in it or is a derivative of gluten. My meal was so great on Wednesday night that we came back on Saturday night just before leaving the island on Sunday. Thank you again for the great meals and memories!!!

abrahem Kuszell
30 Jul 2006

i was in aruba last year , and i am a steak eater, let me tell you i am from new york and i would fly there just about every month to have the steaks from el gaucho, best i have evere had

25 Jul 2006

Please send me price off your meau.. Thanks, Carolyn Consolo

Tom Upton
25 Jul 2006

My family and I were in Aruba the week of 7-09-06. We went to el gaucho for dinner the second night we were there. The food was great. My wife had the sirloin which was cooked to perfection,and I had the the signature filet. My daughter got the ribs. We loved it so much that we went back twice during the week. The prices were very reasonable,and the service was excellent on all three occasions. El Gaucho is a must when visiting Aruba.

Gary Patterson
18 Jul 2006

Please send us your reciper for your churrasco. We'd like to enjoy it year around! it is truly the tastiest. Thanks, Gary Patterson

Bill and Kathleen
17 Jul 2006

My wife and I visited your restaurant in 2002 and it fabulous. We loved it so much, we are planning a return trip in Sept 2006. Looking forward to your great steaks, the beautiful beaches and horseback riding on the beach..

Gary Plescia
09 Jul 2006

I'll be there in March, 06, Your doors opened on the day my son was born , I'll have to toast his burthday from your place.

Fidel Oliver
02 Jul 2006

I hope to visit your place next week. Thank you

Frank Romaniello
16 Jun 2006

Have Enjoyed the hospitality and food for three years when we visit Aruba.Would not think of comming the the island without stopping by.

15 Jun 2006

I REALLY enjoyed the gaucho steak. It was soo delicious that I (being 15 years old) ate the whole thing... and wanted more!

05 Jun 2006

We just got back from our 2nd trip to Aruba and we had to visit your restaurant once again. As usual, it was fantastic! Service was great! ( even the bus girls/boys filling the water and clearing plates) It was a fabulous meal! I do have to ask.. is there anyway you can tell me how to make those sauteed mushrooms? My husband has not stopped talking about them! Even just give me an idea how to make them! Thanks again

Anthony Simone
31 May 2006

I'll put it this way- I ate at El Gaucho once about five years ago, and my mouth is still watering !

Lisa - Pittsburgh, PA

18 May 2006

My husband and I were in Aruba this past April and El Gaucho's came highly recommended. What a great recommendation! It was the best steak ever, and the service was excellent. Make sure you go hungry, the steaks are not small.

Stephen Troy New York USA
12 May 2006

We will make reservations for August soon. El Gaucho is the best restaurant on the Island. I can't wait to get back to "my home away from home". Mi stima Aruba y El Gaucho. Ayo

Carrie Reinis
09 May 2006

The most incredible food ever!!! Just amazing.

Mark Schukle
02 May 2006

Awsome Steak and great place to bring the kids!

Frank Morrison
28 Apr 2006

Visited you 5 years ago... I have told scores of people about how good your steaks ever!

26 Apr 2006

I was just in Aruba for 2 weeks.Always visit more than once while I am there. Wish you would expand and open one in Connectictut!

24 Apr 2006

I've been on the island 3years in a row & I am planning to visit your restraurant for the 1st time this year. Do you have a lounge we can sit and have a drink while waiting for our table?

Ralph, Elizabeth and Katie
23 Apr 2006

Often imitated but never duplicated. This is the best steak house in Aruba. Visit and dine when you want the very best beef available anywhere. Take our word on it.

19 Apr 2006

I had the pleasure of dining at El Gaucho in April. I decided to try the El Gaucho Steak. It was just as described on the menu, thick juicey and full of flavor. The smashed potatos awesome. I would really like the recipe for the Gaucho dip/sauce. I think it's something like olive oil, parsley, garlic, and ?????


16 Apr 2006

I had the most delicious steak I have ever had in my life at El Gaucho. It is definatly worth every penny to pay.

Al Balcomb
10 Apr 2006

Best steaks on the island. Great Service and drinks (Thanks Marcel).Your the best. Our frend Ginny Neri says The lamb "is the best she's ever eaten"! Looking forward to our yearly visits to you restaurant.

Michael & Amy Rinaldi
25 Mar 2006

We were at El Gaucho in 2001 on our honeymoon and still cherish the dinner we had there. We're coming back to Aruba to celebrate our 5th anniversary and we're having dinner there again! We can't wait! It's a magnificent place to dine.

14 Feb 2006

very nice

Erik Daigle
12 Feb 2006

I was at El Gaucho this past October with my wife on our honeymoon. We had quite an enjoyable evening. We drank a nice bottle of wine and I cannot remember the name of it. Could you please email me a copy of the wine list? Thank you!

John Grygalonis
02 Feb 2006

We visited your restaurant with a group of friends in November 2005 and needless to say they all loved the food. I do believe your steaks are the best in the world. We will be back in Aruba again soon and will visit you again.

Virgil & Debbie
31 Jan 2006

I was there in 2003 and hope to go back someday. It was the best steak I ever had. You served some Argentine sauce with your steaks and I was wondering if it was available for purchase. If not, could you let me know what it was called.

26 Jan 2006

This is my favorite restaurant on the island! Every time we visit Aruba we eat here at least 2 times!

John - NYC
26 Jan 2006

I was there in 2004 and LOVED it. For some reason, you guys just popped into my head and my mouth started watering! Talk about a lasting memory! Can't wait for my next trip to Aruba; you will be my first meal there for sure!

Terry Turner
23 Jan 2006

We have been vacationing in Aruba every year since our honeymoon thirteen years ago. The highlight of our trip is dinner at El Goucho! Looking forward to dining with you again in March, 2006!

I have been to Aruba, I am going back in a week. This is the best restaurant in the world to me!! I would fly to Aruba for a day, for dinner here!!!
Michael Muriph
15 Jan 2006

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